Section 1: Objectives


This document provides guidelines for Quail Valley Homeowners to follow when considering changes to the exterior of their homes and property. The Architectural Control Committee created these guidelines in order to assist homeowners in preparing acceptable applications to gain Architectural Control Committee approval, increase residents' awareness and understanding of the covenants and to help maintain a reasonable uniform and architecturally sound appearance for the Quail Valley Community to maintain the homeowner's investment.

Objectives of Architectural Guidelines:

The objectives of these guidelines and restrictions are:

1) To explain the role of the Architectural Control Committee.

2) To address, in detail, the items that require an Architectural Change Application and approval of the Architectural Control Committee before changes are made.

3) To address, in detail, suggestions for items not requiring an Architectural Change Application     (ACA) but that may affect the aesthetics of the community.

4) To provide guidance to homeowners of items such as acceptable mailboxes, fences and storm/screen door designs.

5) To address, in detail, items that are not acceptable due to specific safety and aesthetic concerns.

6) To provide the Architectural Control Committee with uniform guidelines for the review of applications. These guidelines reflect the goals of the founding documents of the Quail Valley Community and the actions of the Quail Valley Board of Directors.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Quail Valley Homeowners Association is committed to accommodating reasonable wheelchair access to homes occupied by wheelchair-bound residents. Wheelchair access encompasses use of ramps, ingress and egress through rear entrances with pathways to common area sidewalks, motorized wheelchair lifts, etc.

The architectural control committee will review each request for wheelchair access on a case-by-case basis. All proposals must comply with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and be of a safe and sound design in accordance with Montgomery County building code requirements.

Also, each proposal must be aesthetically consistent with community architecture and not create a visual eyesore or possible hazard for surrounding residents or visitors. In addition, all wheelchair access designs must fit within the property lines of the homeowner submitting the request. The particular approach for providing wheelchair access which the committee approves will depend on a property's topography, layout, house design, and other site requirements unique to the property. Also, the committee has a right to limit wheelchair access only to that necessary to comply with ADA guidelines.

Moreover, the materials used in the construction of wheelchair access must be consistent with those allowed generally under these guidelines for other major exterior changes. Pressure treated lumber or other wood products are not an acceptable construction material for walkways, paths, or wheelchair ramps in the front of a house.

Furthermore, approvals for wheelchair access designs are temporary and expire when the occupant requiring access no longer resides at the property of the homeowner requesting access. Upon termination of the need and approval for wheelchair access, all structures and devices used to provide access must be removed at the homeowner's expense and the homeowner's property must be restored to its original condition. In addition, modifications to the association's common ground to provide wheelchair access will only be allowed if no reasonable alternative exists. If such modifications are required, the homeowner will bear legal and financial responsibility for modifying, maintaining, and restoring to its original condition the common ground when access is no longer needed.

The committee strongly urges any homeowner contemplating an architectural change request for wheelchair access to consult an ADA specialist. The committee also reserves the right to require that all design and construction work be performed by a firm with expertise in ADA guidelines.

Quail Valley HOA,
Nov 15, 2011, 1:42 PM