Section 6: Miscellaneous Guidelines


Electronic Insect Traps

Electronic insect traps are not recommended, but are allowed without completing an Architectural Change Application within the following guidelines:

A.    Traps will not be located in an area of the lot causing a nuisance to adjacent owners.

B.     Traps are not to be operated after 10:00 P.M. or when the area protected by the trap is no longer occupied. 

Firewood Storage

Firewood must be stacked neatly and located at least ten feet (10') from back of any house, not to exceed back fence line of the residence. Location of the firewood pile must minimize visual impact and be located only in backyard and not on common area.

Piles larger than two cords require a completed Architectural Change Application and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Piles otherwise longer than ten feet (10') should be stacked two or more rows deep. Piles must not exceed four feet (4') in height for safety reasons. No lumber, scrap wood, or other debris may be stacked on, within, or near the firewood piles.

Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture may only be kept on front porches or in rear yards. Lawn furniture cannot be placed in the front yard of any dwelling when not in use. Lawn furniture used on front porches should not be in excess and should be placed neatly.

Real Estate Sales/Rental Signs

No more than one (1) real estate sign can be erected or placed upon any lot or attached to any dwelling. Real estate signs cannot exceed six square feet in size and must meet Montgomery County regulations with respect to content and removal. Real estate signs can only be placed on the property available and must be removed immediately upon sale or rental of the property.

During the time that the sign is placed it must be properly maintained (i.e., cannot be visually damaged or improperly placed).

Mailboxes, Newspaper tubes and their posts

Mailboxes must be standard sized and postal approved and conform to community standards. They must also be well maintained. Newspaper tubes are not acceptable.

Trash Containers

Trash must be placed in heavy duty plastic bags or other sealed containers manufactured specifically for trash storage purposes only. Containers must have a lid which is kept in place at all times. Paper bags, boxes, etc. are not acceptable as permanent trash containers.

Trash containers are not to be stored or kept in the front or side yard of any lot. Trash containers must be stored in garages, behind dwelling (screened from public view) or in storage sheds.

Trash containers are not to be placed at curbside before 6:00 P.M. on the evening before trash pickup.

The same rules for storage and placement apply to the Montgomery County recycling containers.

Holiday Ornaments & Decorations

Temporary holiday yard ornaments (including ornamental lights) will be permitted. All ornaments must be removed within 30 days following the holiday being celebrated.


Retractable Awnings

Special approval may be obtained for the installation of retractable awnings on the rear of town homes and single family homes providing they conform to guidelines established by the ACC committee.

Retractable Awnings Guidelines Require:

  • Professional installation.
  • Motorized retractor with a manual override.
  • Solid pattern in a color similar to adjacent siding.
  • Width not to exceed 60% of the width of the back of the house.
  • Depth not to exceed 10 feet.
  • The mounting hardware and hood should match/compliment the adjacent siding.


Window Unit Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units extending from windows are specifically prohibited for any unit in the community.

Permanent/Fixed Awnings

Metal, fabric or fiberglass, or composite awnings are prohibited.

Swimming Pools

No swimming pools (above or below ground) are allowed.

Window Treatments

Bed sheets, plastic sheets, newspapers, or other similar window treatments, shall be not be hung or placed in or on any window on any dwelling located on any lot.

Window Tinting or Coverings

No reflective substance may be applied to either the interior or exterior of any window on any dwelling on any lot.

Clothes lines

Clothes lines are currently not permitted by the covenants.

Quail Valley HOA,
Nov 15, 2011, 1:44 PM