Frequently Asked Questions

Quail Valley residents are making an effort to reduce the number of covenant noncompliance notices/maintenance reminders.  Please review the following, as these are the most frequent non compliance's regarding the Quail Valley Covenants.  Reducing the number of infraction notices reduces the amount of money needed to produce and send them.
  • Sports Equipment - must be approved prior to install in driveways & portable basketball goals must be kept in the rear yard of town homes;

  • Animal Fecal Matter - leaving your animals feces in public places is against Quail Valley By Laws and County Animal Control Laws and can be reported 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling 311. 

  • Blocking of Sidewalks - we suggest parking vehicles in a manner to prevent pedestrians trespassing or being hit by vehicles along the street;

  • Exterior Home Maintenance - removal of debris, trash, garbage, damage to home exterior, garage door damage & cleaning of home siding;

  • Yard Waste Collection - coordinate your placement of  brown paper yard waste bags and tree or shrub trimmings to the curb the day before the Monday yard waste is collected;

  • Lawn Maintenance -mowing grass including trimming shrubs & trees in both front and rear yards;

  • Mailbox Maintenance - clean any mold, algae or dirt from the mailbox or its enclosure and replace fading or missing house numbers;

  • Parking - American Protective Services patrols our streets and, if needed, may tow any vehicle not displaying current license plates or not displaying any license plates parked for more than 48 hours, or any homeowners or tenants vehicles parked in visitors spaces for more than 7 days.

  • Trash & Recycling Containers - please make sure to put your trash and recycling containers in the rear yard of your house after pickup day.

Items that should NOT be stored in front of home at anytime:  Trash Bin, Recycle Bin, Brooms, Shovel, Shoes, Toys, Bicycle, Scooters, Newspapers

These items are in violation of Quail Valley HOA’s Governing Documents.

Important Numbers to Know


Abandoned Vehicles 

(240) 773-6411

Animal Control          

(240) 773-5900

Crime Prevention       

(301) 240-2585

HOC Community Relations

(301) 929-2382

Milestone Towing      

 (301) 330-1614

Montgomery County Police

(Non-Emergency)      (301) 279-8000

Party/Underage Drinking Complaints

 (301) 217-4410

Security Patrol Quail Valley

 (240) 631-8383

Snow Removal / Potholes

 (240) 777-6000

Traffic/Parking/Speeding Complaints

 (301) 840-2650

Be sure to contact the Montgomery County Police Department for police issues and to report any commercial vehicles parked in Quail Valley.

Quail Valley Trash and Recycle Schedule


Please follow the trash day and recycling day rules to improve the appearance of the community and so we are not leaving out our trash or trash cans for wild life.

Trash Schedule

Mondays and Thursday

Trash is to be put out no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on Sundays and Thursdays

Trash cans are to be put away by 6:00 p.m. on Monday and 6:00 p.m. on Thursday

Recycling Schedule


Recycling bins are to be out no earlier than 6:00 pm Sunday and put away by 6:00 pm Monday

Bulk Trash 

For free bulk trash pick-up please contact J&J waste management: 1-800-465-2350.

 Bulk trash pick-up is on Thursday Only. Call by Wednesday 12:00 pm.

·         Mattress
·         Bed frame
·         Sofa
·         Chair

 Extra Charge (charges varies, please contact J&J)

·         Construction items

·         Remodeling debris

o   Carpet

o   Toilet

o   Door

o   Sink

     o   Counter top

o   Etc.

 All homeowner's leaving bulk items in the Quail Valley Community without scheduling bulk pick-up with J&J will be charged for the removal of the bulk item(s) from the Quail Valley Homeowner's Association.